Winter Wheat

Winter wheat can withstand freezing temperatures for extended periods of time during the early vegetative stage and requires exposure to freezing or near freezing temperature to trigger reproductive stage. In other words, if winter wheat does not go through a period of cold temperatures, then it will not produce seed.

Battle AX

Battle Ax is a high yielding CoAXium winter wheat suitable across many acres to clean up grasses. Medium to early maturity, short height.


Brawl in an early maturing Clearfield winter wheat with excellent quality. Early maturity, medium height.


FourOSix is an MSU variety to replace Yellowstone. It is shorter with higher yield potential. Medium to early maturity, short height.


Monument, high-yielding conventional winter wheat. Tillers very well and keeps the seed rate down. Medium maturity, medium height.


Fortress is a new solid stem winter wheat from Montech. Stands up great to sawfly while maintaining yield. Medium to early maturity and medium height.


Keldin has excellent yield potential and lets you get the most out of your acres. Medium maturity, medium height.