Forage crops are grown specifically for grazing by livestock or harvested to help make up seasonal shortfalls between feed demand and supply. They form a vital part of livestock production.

Haymaker Hay Barley

Haymaker is a newer version of Lavina. It will out produce lavina and produce good quality hay. Medium maturity, medium height.

Otana Oats

Otana oats can be used in a forge mix with barley, triticale, or peas. It can also be cut and used as grain feed. Medium maturity, tall height.

TriCal Gunner™ Triticale

Gunner triticale, seeded in the spring or fall, produces good quality hay with great potential for tonnage. Early maturity, tall height.

FX1001 Triticale

FX1001 is a winter triticale with good winter hardiness and excellent tonnage potential. Early maturity, tall height.

Ray HR Forage Winter Wheat

Ray, new MSU forage winter wheat. It is dual purpose as it is a true HRW. Shorter than Willow Creek with more leaves, more tonnage & better quality. Medium maturity, medium height.

Mix any of these forages or add peas.