Seed Treatment

Plant with Confidence

Knowing that your seeds have protection against pests and diseases is a good feeling. Seed treatment can encourage healthy crops by improving their immunity and promoting uniform germination. We offer a variety of seed treatment services so talk to your seed expert about what will work best for your farm.

Seed Treatments

Evergol is a great basic fungicide seed treat package at a low-cost price point. Can be applied to cereals & pulses.

Teraxxa F4
Teraxxa F4 includes Stamina F4, Relenya, and Teraxxa. The added Teraxxa is excellent for wireworm protection. Use it every few years in your fields to control the wireworm population.

F4+ (Heartland Seed Blend)
F4+ is very similar to the Cruiser Max Vibrance Cereals with 60% more imidacloprid for wireworms. It is composed of Stamina F4, Relenya,
and 0.4 oz Gaucho.

Stamina F4
Stamina F4 protects against a lot of the same as Evergol but can’t be applied to pulses. The Stamina part adds more cold protection if the seed sits in the ground for an extended time.


Lumivia is the only treat for cutworm protection. Also does well on wireworms and new this year it is labeled for reduced feeding on grasshoppers.

Guacho at 1.5 oz works ok on wireworms and suppresses grasshoppers.

StepUp is a micronutrient package that promotes quick root development and helps crops emerge faster at a very reasonable price point.