We control the quality of the seed we sell.

Our seed cleaner removes all small, diseased, unthrifty seeds while not losing any of the biggest high-yielding seeds.

custom Grass blends

We stock over 40 different grasses, alfalfas, sainfoins, and cover crops. Give us a call and we can talk about a custom blend to meet your needs.
From hay to pasture to your yard. We can find what fits you and then blend it in-house. Below is a preview of what we stock.
Special orders are available if needed.

Alfalfa/Cover Crops/Premixed


• FSG 408DP
• Resolute ST
• Ladak 65
• Big Horn
• Integra 8444R (Roundup Ready)

Cover Crops

• German Millet
• Proso Millet
• Radish
• Baldy Safflower
• Sorghum Sudan
• Turnips
• Vetch


• Dryland Pasture
• Hardy Lawn


• Smooth Brome
• Meadow Brome
• Garrison Creeping Foxtail
• Crested Wheatgrass
• Orchardgrass Latar
• Orchardgrass Profile
• Orchardgrass Potomac
• Pubescent Wheatgrass
• Tall Fescue
• Tall Wheatgrass
• Timothy
• Western Wheatgrass
• Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
• Sainfoin